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On that note…

Here is a poem about zombies, which I wrote after seeing 28 Days Later, a fine zombie flick.

Ode to Zombies (or There’s Nothing Sexy About Zombies)

Voodoo slave

You stumble like a zombie

Through the sugar dust fallout

It’s a sweet drug

Zombie love

Pure infection confection

Don’t stop breathing it in

Black magic’s got you


Inside you’re glowing like the sun

So hot

This fever shock won’t stop

In the meltdown

This heart’s a biohazard

Your eyes go epileptic

With spontaneous decay

Hunger penetrates

Like x-rays

To the bone

You’re mutating

You’re not the man I knew

This half-life’s really got you down

Premonition foaming on my tongue

Heart in your mouth

Our race is done

Spastic panic

Brain and body


Dusk slams down hard

So do I

One last lucid moment slips

Convulsion grips, or is it you

There goes the sun

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