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Killing time…

..before I leave the do jang. Taught class today. Just two black belts and two blue belts, so it was easy to have them pair off and practice patterns and drills while I kept watch.

Lifted some weights on the universal machine. Hope I did the exercises right. Now I’m contemplating doing Pilates before meeting the parental units for lunch uptown (yay sushi!)

Note on the back kick: maybe I need to lift my knee higher, and concentrate harder on hitting the target with the flat of the foot (emphasis on heel strike).

Saw Voice of a Secret at the Acme Underground last night. They’re as loud as ever, those crazy kids. I wasn’t going to go to the show at first, but then I remembered that I’m not 80. It felt good to be out at 2 am. Rock and omelettes for everyone*!

* who isn’t a vegan.

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