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Remember this

Camping, and a ghost story. Squeak.

I am a scientist, or used to be, so I don’t believe in ghosts. Neither does Jin. Kevin is not so sure, because he wants his life to be interesting. He should know the old Chinese curse about that.

Remember how in “Nightmare on Elm Street 3,” Sr. Mary Helena/Freddy’s mother tells Dr. Gordon that his choice of science as a faith is “sad” and may be the cause of his death? I felt like she was talking to me. Not good.

I’m scared that NYC will be blown off the face of the Earth sometime during the Replublican National convention. I know security will be tighter than ever, and no doubt that LA is a more deserving target, but still…

I don’t want to die. There is nothing to do about this but live my life. I won’t have too many regrets.

Let me laugh about this in September.

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