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I’m getting older, too

Ankle still sprained. I want to run, though I’m not sure if that is such a good idea. I’m not fat yet, but getting there.

Finished reading Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. Elegant, elegant writing and a good mystery. Grief for 9/11 well documented. Apparently, William Gibson and Douglas Coupland know each other and converse about Tokyo. Who didn’t see that one coming? Coupland’s books seem to get sadder and sadder in tone, though I suppose his characters still retain some feelings of hope. Well, like all of us, I guess Coupland and his characters are getting older, a little more melancholy. I actually read Generation X a few months ago, and while it was gimmicky (would that I could come up with a gimmick like that!), it was still fresh, and very humorous. Sort of smartass and off-the-cuff in a way Hey Nostradamus! and All Families Are Psychotic aren’t.

One of these days, I will read Polaroids from the Dead, which I hear is his take on being over 30. In 2 and a half years, when I’ll need the instruction.

Started You Shall Know Our Velocity by Dave Eggers. Watched the first 9 episodes of “Invader Zim.” Jhonen Vasquez dialogue sort of resonating with the Eggers prose (“Please end my suffering now.”) I think they have similar senses of humor, somehow.

Why is the idiot-robot Gir so much like me?

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