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Whoops…Our bad…

Ah, so the government just admitted that the whole WOMD thing was just a ruse. Those wacky world leaders!

Who didn’t see that one coming?

We are so going to get bombed out of existence. We so deserve it.

Got home at 6pm yesterday, fell asleep, woke up at 9pm and cooked a stew. Wanted a beer. Made do with some Kahlua and half and half substitute. Tasty with ice. Should go jogging after such a calorie splurge, but my abused ankle is making crunching noises now.

Must drink more to stop the pain! <– sarcasm

Damn you, Helen Fielding, for writing Bridget Jones’s Diary and rewiring me so I no longer start my sentences properly with the word “I.” Must… fight… lazy… grammar… Must… stop… reading… chick… lit…

On the subject on non-chick lit, have you ever noticed that male writers can make such good use of the word “motherfucker,” but female writers never seem to? Or maybe it’s just the books that I’ve been reading. Can someone find me a good, female-written novel with an effective use of the word “motherfucker?” Surely there’s one?

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