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Happy U.S. birthday to me

Today is my 27th anniversary of coming to this country. I hope very much not to be bombed out of existence within the next few weeks, even if, spiritually, I deserve it. I would also like some cake with chocolate frosting.

Visited my parents between 8 and 10pm, to drop off a copy of William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition before they go on their cruise. I’m cat-sitting in the Bronx this week. My mother bought the cats a sort of circulating drinking fountain for the occasion. My father has taken to throwing pennies into it, as a joke.

Saw Garden State on Saturday. It was okay, a lot of tender or funny moments interspersed between speeches about life being all we have. Although it felt like Zach Braff was really pushing every character to be unrealistically eccentric, I’m still a sucker for such things. It was jiving a little bit with all the Eggers I’ve been reading, quirky twentysomethings dealing with grief and death. And I guess my friends are sometimes like that. I forget that I know fencers, martial artists, e-comic strip authors, vegan musician poker players, RPGers, and aspiring accupuncturists. My roommates are what the sci-fiers would call “mundanes.”

Aunt Jane invited me to high tea at the Plaza Hotel, a sort of farewell occasion for my cousin Rory’s wife Megan. He is still in Iraq, and I guess she’s leaving for more military training prior to going to Iraq. Matt was there with his fiancée Sue; Molly was with her boyfriend George. Joanne, Marina’s mother and Uncle Rick’s wife was there, as well as Uncle Pat’s wife Susan. I guess that makes them my aunts. They all seem to be very friendly people. Aunt Jane is like a cross between my mother and Shaenon’s, somehow.

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