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Great Pumpkin (ice cream)

Let the record show this: pumpkin ice cream is the yummiest thing ever! Especially with ginger flavored ice cream in the accompanying scoop. Ginger ice cream tastes like cold, frosty gingerbread men! Who cares for two scoops of raisins when you can get two scoops of yummy, delicious ice cream???

Oh, yeah, I’m as bad (or as good) as ever with the chopsticks. Of course, I was using them to eat soup, which might account for some of my difficulties. I think, perhaps, I should travel around with a spork in my pack, just in case. What’s the difference between a spork and a runcible spoon?

Yay! My parents are back from their cruise! I say “Yay!” because this means I don’t have to slog all the way back to the Bronx to cat-sit anymore. I hate long commutes almost more than life itself. By the time I get to the Bronx, it’s invariably 11:30pm, and all the Chinese restaurants are closed.

I wonder if the crew gave my father his pen knife back.

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