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Exciting Medical Drama! (Okay, not really)

On Wednesday, Kathryn invited Marianne, Kevin, and myself to her house for a good home, Sybil-cooked meal. Well, I’m never one to say no to a good, Sybil-cooked meal. Mmm! What good bruchetta! I think that’s how you spell it! What delicious pasta sauce with chili! And the wine was great too!

The down side of the evening being that we had to take Marianne to the Emergency Room because she started feeling INTENSE, EXCRUCIATING physical PAIN. She and the doctors agreed that it was probably kidney stones, as she has a history of them. This can’t be good, because her last bout was when she was 21, and she’s 27 now. When the original painkiller they gave her just didn’t work, they gave her a morphine drip. Apparently, morphine works in about 2 SECONDS FLAT. Now she’s out and about and on Vicodan.

Oh, and the next day I went to a doctor to get X-rays taken of my bad ankle, because I know within the next few months, say by November, I will have to plow through 4 boards with some sort of kick.

My bones are surprisingly pretty! A delicate latticework. My ankle looks mostly fine in spite of the incessant clicking noises it makes when I walk, but there is a small anomaly somewhere on the top of the instep. Is it bone? Scar tissue? No one knows. But Dr. Dixon did give me a handout sheet of possible exercises to do.

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