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The Girl with the Most Cake

Piri’s 2nd degree test was pretty decent. When the time came for her to fight 2 on 1, I looked to the back of the room, and saw John G., a blue belt, Kathryn, and Piri’s husband Anthony all geared up and ready to fight. Kathryn was almost jumping up and down saying “Pick me! Pick me!” – but alas, the honor went to John and the blue belt. Oh, and I was called upon to spar a 12-year-old boy. Sadly, the 12-year-old boy is taller and heavier than I am, but what can you do?

Later, we had dinner at the usual Korean haunt, and then we had cake to celebrate Piri’s birthday. Piri, being older and wiser than I, didn’t want to take cake home, so I got to eat 3 and a half slices of two kinds of cake. I love birthday parties!

Then we went out drinking, which is generally fun. My knee is still somehow injured (I have no idea what I did), so I spent the rest of the weekend sort of draping myself over furniture and reading and watching TV. Finished The Woman with a Worm in Her Head and Other True Stories of Infectious Disease. It was pretty interesting, though you can tell she was a person who went to med school in the 70s.

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