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I can now step down from a sidewalk curb without an involuntary scream of pain. And my knee, though slightly swollen, is no longer cutting off the circulation to the rest of my leg. Yay! I feel incredibly fat now, but the scale at the gym says I’m only 111 lbs. Must be losing muscle mass.

Saw my personal trainer act in a Roman comedy (The Eunich, oddly enough performed at the same theater in which Rho and I saw “Puppetry of the Penis,” but I digress). I have to say, maybe I would have enjoyed it more had it not been a Roman comedy. It was kind of funny seeing all these people with New York accents (watch, they’re probably all from California or NJ), wearing Birkenstocks and togas and waving around plastic swords. Wow, are my trainer’s legs white! He is, of course, very built, but his legs are blindingly, shockingly pale. Very un-Roman, I would think, the UV-phobia of the year 2004. Not that he wasn’t good. He was good. You can tell that everyone was working really hard.

Finished reading Polaroids from the Dead. Finished reading The Dark Tower: Song of Susannah. They were both OK. Douglas Coupland comes across as lonely. Is he married yet, to a man or a woman? Anti-marriage like everyone else I know? I have to say, if Bill Gates found a wife, Douglas Coupland should have by now at least found somebody.

Quin called early this afternoon, and we commiserated about injuries. Watched an Olympic boxing match (there’s a Phantom weight division? Did I hear that right?). Cuba won; no one’s ear got bitten off. Followed with an episode of Powerpuff Girls (what the hell is my problem?), and then I read an article in the NY Times about crystal meth abuse in the gay community.

There’s a huge protest march going on downtown (thanks, GOP), and now I’m going to look for AA batteries for my radio, in case lower Manhattan blows up and I need it for the friggin’ “Go Bag.”

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