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Food, but not much thought

Kam’s barbecue on Sunday was fun. Lots of grilled meat and beer was had by all! Also, the homemade ice cream was awesome. Mmmm. In retrospect, perhaps I shouldn’t have eaten quite so many pancakes beforehand.

Steve and Taylor had a ridiculous low-ground small basketball dunking contest. Smita somersaulted, and Taylor did some kind of Russian dance number while dunking the ball in a basket made from a 3-foot tall cylinder of chicken wire. However, the highlight of the performance was Smita’s “The Shitter.”

Also of note: None of us is very good at the 3D puzzles, except for Smita, who is apparently some kind of genius.

Labor Day…Too exhausted to do anything by drape myself over the couch and watch the Food Network. No joke! I watched about 4 hours of “The Secret Life of…” (sandwiches, hamburgers, ice cream, cola, chocolate…). I just didn’t have the strength to change the channel. How pathetic is that? Then around 10pm, I finally managed to rouse myself enough to do laundry and finish reading Oryx and Crake. Also finished reading The Making of a Chef. Hmm. I realize now that I shall never learn how to cook. But at least I know what a blond roux is.

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