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Um, well, see if I care?

It’s hard to tell if my knee is any worse today than it was on Tuesday before I did martial arts and jogging on it. God, I’m out of shape. Didn’t make it to martial arts yesterday, because I was so late getting in to work and couldn’t spare the time, but I’m not sure if I could have kicked anyway. Every morning, I attempt a front kick while I brush my teeth, and every morning the result is sadly pathetic.

Yesterday’s commute was nightmarish due to – get this – rain. It was crazy. The C train was so sardine-packed to saturation that no one could get on. Ditto for the buses. Also no available cabs. Finally I gave up and hoofed it, limping in to work about 2 hours late, soaked and disheveled instead of just unkempt like I usually am.

Therefore I was unable to make it to TaeKwon-Do class and spent the night icing my knee and eating fattening food. I do love Indian food. Well, I love curry. I have leftovers from yesterday for lunch. Yummy.

Anyway, I was finally able to get another PCP chosen (the other two either moved or dropped out of my insurance network) and will see her tomorrow. Please, please fix me.

Oh, wait. They just called to say my insurance company doesn’t recognize me now. This, after they have covered me for 3+ years. Sigh. I’m hurt. Does everything we’ve been through mean nothing to them? The dizzying highs, the shattering lows…

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