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One of my roommates is some sort of manager/supervisor in a Big Corporate Financial-Type Place. She works insane hours and is simultaneously studying for her MBA. But during her off hours she watches the Food Network and the Fine Living Channel (cable). Occasionally she cooks something really incredible, like a seafood risotto, and I am awed. She has a subscription to Martha Stewart Living. She also knits. She is knitting a turtleneck sweater right now, but before that she made a cozy for her calculator. Last week I helped her set the VCR to tape a knitting program on the Do It Yourself Network.

This is both charming and beyond my comprehension. One might fear that she is doing all this out of a sense of inadequacy, out of some sort of fear that she must be perfect on all fronts, or be worth nothing. One might lament that such a stong and independent businesswoman still feels the need to satisfy traditional stereotypes of femininity.

But having lived with the woman for three years, I have to say she that really just enjoys cooking and knitting.

My cousin Rory recently married a woman who honestly loves to clean. So such things still are possible.

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