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Holiday Travel

November 29, 2004 Leave a comment

I’m still in Riverdale. It always takes me a long time to get from Point A to Point B, unless I am actually walking there. I think this is because I detest being helpless in transit. So much dead, useless time. Also, the actual destination is often a disappointment. I do like some airports. La Guardia. The one in Dallas/Fort Worth. The airport in Maui was open to the balmy island air.

Sadly, I dislike being on actual planes.

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Insane vs. Insane World

November 29, 2004 Leave a comment

The other day, my parents told me that they would help me with the money for laser eye surgery, but not until I am way over 30, or the “War on Terror” is over. They are afraid I will be drafted otherwise, and that my lousy eyesight will be the only thing between myself and certain rape and death in Iraq.

Well, knowing that the current government is evil and out for blood, I suppose anything is possible. But I never mentioned having laser eye surgery in the first place. This has something to do with a general squeamishness about people firing laser beams into the tender flesh of my eyes.

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With all the trimmings

November 28, 2004 Leave a comment

Well, the turkey breast is roasting, and the stuffing is crisping nicely in the toaster oven. Cranberry sauce is cooling on the windowsill, and I believe the asparagus is waiting to be steamed. There is also a salad.

Please note that this is the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and that for the actual Thanksgiving, we ate at a restaurant.

This brings to mind memories of my childhood, when we would order Chinese take-out, and my father would use a 3-tiered steamer to cook his own broccoli, which he would then offer around the table.

Please note that I would often only order broccoli.

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Now that’s hi-tech

November 27, 2004 Leave a comment

Tonight I helped my mother set up, of all things, a blog of her very own. I wonder what she’ll write in it. She has kept notebooks all her life. The journal she wrote of her time during my infancy is quite enlightening.

From here, I can see that the bulletin board above the computer is filled with her collages in progress. This season, they feature prone figures twisted into an almost fetal position. I can see also an image of the moon, a group of shadowy people, a desolate tree, a ruined house, the horizon. The pictures of screaming women, cobra skeletons, and empty pelvic bones, no doubt, are still in her bedroom.

There is Mort, the artist’s reference model of the muscles and tendons beneath the skin of the face. Mom customarily hooks her glasses over his nose when she’s not wearing them. There are the articulated models of disembodied hands. There is her collection of Kwan Yin sculptures; there is the Virgin Mary; there are the fertility goddesses; a small temple housing a stone carving of an ox; an angel statue that looks as if Edward Gorey designed it.

On the wall are my father’s paintings and etchings of floating gas masks, a bird-headed man, a couple with butterfly wings, a house with the roof blowing off in a storm, dead looking men, sunbursts, a man crouching on a tortoise. A decapitated man holds his head in his lap, but a stern looking sunburst seems to have become his new head. Both faces stare out at you. I cannot seem to find the Medusa, with her ribbons of snakes, or my father’s work in egg tempera (which has a smooth, illuminated look), but I know they must be here somewhere.

I do not think visually, so most of this is lost on me. But think what unknown wonders must haunt my dreams.

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November 27, 2004 Leave a comment

My father was suddenly seized by a great sense of regret that we did not have a traditional home-cooked Thanksgiving meal, and he is now determined to cook a turkey breast, cranberry sauce, and stuffing tomorrow night.

We told him that Thanksgiving was lovely, and that we were fine with the usual take-out burritos, but no go.

Yeah. I’ve got nothing more to say.

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Again triumphant

November 27, 2004 Leave a comment

I checked the wheels of my leaning bedframe, but they were exactly where they ought to be. To correct the eave-like tilting of the mattress, I stuck about 5 paperbacks under each of the bedframe’s left legs. (I trust I won’t be needing The Dilbert Principle any time soon.) Problem solved, and a restful night for me!

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November 25, 2004 Leave a comment

Yeeees… We went to a snazzy hotel restaurant for a buffet style Thanksgiving dinner. You know what that means? I got away with only one small slice of turkey… and two HUGE platesful of SIDE DISHES!*

My father did not think I could finish my first helping, but he does not understand my power.

Afterwards, we discovered that I was only charged for a “kid’s buffet,” in spite of eating twice as much as everyone else. I win!

*plus extra desserts.

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