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Raining, parades

Went to the parade on Sunday. Good weather for it. Still hate parades. Is anyone having a good time? Honestly? A lot of Wizard of Oz folk, mostly Dorothys and Tin Men, only one Glinda. Two Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker pairs. Lots of skeletons, a few monkey suits; one guy came as his driver’s license. Big puppets, stilts.

Man, am I glad that’s over.

When I was growing up, Halloween was always too cold for me to wear a costume without a coat, and heavy weatherproof outerwear always takes some of the oomph out of trick-or-treating. Also, my parents were terrified of razor blades and PCP in the Halloween candy, so I was never allowed to actually eat any of my spoils. They did buy me candy, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the same.

My favorite part of Halloween is the glut of horror movies on TV.

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