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Oddly enough

It is more comfortable to sleep on the floor than my bed at my parent’s house. In addition to being hard as a rock, the mattress tends to tilt downward on one side, like an eave. Perhaps I can find a yoga mat to sleep on during the Thanksgiving holiday.

My parents have finally thrown in the towel, and we will be going out to eat on Thanksgiving! Although the lack of leftovers saddens me, the fact that someone else will actually be cooking means that 1) my parents will not get in each other’s way/try to kill each other/be too stressed and exhausted to enjoy the holiday, 2) I may finally have a chance to get some decent stuffing, and 3) no dishes for me to wash!

Now I must research rentable videos that lack violence and/or sex so that my nun aunt will have something to entertain her.

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