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Civilization, discontents

February 28, 2005 Leave a comment

Having walked through “The Gates,” I can now relate the following thoughts:

1) They’re probably more impressive in the daylight.

2) While following a procession of gates, I was distracted by a nagging suspicion that the gates on the other side of the street were better.

3) After crossing the street, I realized they actually were better. (Further away from Central Park West, and in a fuller formation. No – really!)

4) After completing the journey, having stepped through a few hundred gates, I remained unchanged. Anticlimactic, in a way.

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February 24, 2005 Leave a comment

On the “To Do” whiteboard at work:
Alex – Motion Menus
Richard – Cut Trailer
Eric – Inventory Audit
Billy – Fight Crime

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February 23, 2005 4 comments

The other day, someone was described as having a dark side like mine, only without a trace of irony.

Wait a minute.

I have a dark side?

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The mouths of babes

February 22, 2005 2 comments

My third grade schoolteacher of a friend related the following story:

I was taking my kids on a field trip to Chinatown by train. During the ride, a bunch of them had their MP3 players out, and they offered me a listen. It was something new – maybe it was Usher – and I didn’t like it much. I gave them back their headphones pretty quickly.

“We bet we know what kind of music you like,” they said.

“What kind of music do you think I like?” I asked.

“We bet you like rock music.”


The third graders in the story exchange knowing glances, nod sagely.

“That’s what white people listen to.”

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Nice. Interesting. Has a GREAT personality.

February 19, 2005 4 comments

I think that my parents might at this very moment be in Central Park, viewing The Gates on this subzero sunlit day.

I’ve heard various opinions of this installation, predictably ranging from “impressive” to “brilliant” to “it’s not art – it’s exterior decorating!”

Since I don’t think visually, it’s hard to have any judgements of my own, especially since so many more qualified judges have already voiced theirs. But from my sometime vantage point (the subway station entrance across the street), I would add the adjectives “illustrative,” “theatrical,” and “whimsical.”

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By the way

February 19, 2005 Leave a comment

I would, in fact, just like to say that I’ve spent every Valentine’s Day alone. Every single one. That is, note, an entire February (although not a leap year of February)’s worth of pathetic bah-humbugging the commercialism of chocolate hearts, roses, and the color pink.

Beat THAT, suckers.

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Another reason to hate the French

February 17, 2005 Leave a comment

Oddly enough, what with one thing or another, I’ve been completely drunk most of the nights this week. Not messy drunk, but the kind of drunk you get on 5 or 6 vodka-ginger ales.

One thing, though: unless your supervisor, in a state of abject guilt that you are now working for free, offers to buy you drinks for the entire night, I would not recommend drinking at the bar of a French restaurant. I mean, four people, two of whom are drinking only beer, and a bar bill of $200??? Crazy frogs.

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