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Right knee acting up after jogging on the hard, hard pavement, as per the testing requirement. It might be too stiff to work up the speed for the 4 board break. My left leg is faster, but the attached ankle being chronically strained for the past 3 years has negatively impacted the mental confidence necessary for jamming the foot, heel first, through 4 inches of wood. On Saturday, there can be no hesitation, because I’ll need as much momentum as possible to smash my way through. I’ve seen women my size do the 4 board thing without a hitch, so I know without a doubt that it can be done, and done well. Therefore, failure will only bring abject humiliation.

The whole thing about my martial arts master is that I’ve seen him drive a knife hand through 6 inches of wood with a smile, not caring that his entire arm might go numb for the next 3 months. Such an act requires that kind of will.

Kind of exhilarating, in a way.

I wonder which leg I should use.

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