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Time management

With the new federal guidelines about how much you should exercise (1 hour for maintenance, 90 minutes for sustained weight loss), my roommates and I were inspired to make some calculations using both recommended/absolutely necessary time expenditures. Meal time is calculated as the 20 minutes you are supposed to take to eat the recommended six small meals slowly (health professionals recommend chewing slowly as well as focusing on your meal sot ht you don’t inadvertently eat too much, so no multi-tasking is allowed during mealtimes). Food prep time is included, because it’s recommended that you prepare your own food in order to regulate portion size and nutritional content.

Regular weekday:
Work: 8 hours (necessary)
Sleep: 8 hours (recommended)
Commuting: 2 hours (necessary) (If you ever intend to read a book/newspaper, do so now unless thwarted by motion sickness. If motion sickness, attempt to meditate, or listen to NPR.)
Personal hygiene: 0.6 hours (necessary)
Eating: 2 hours (recommended)
Food prep: 1 hour (recommended)
Exercise: 1 hour (recommended)

This brings us to 22.6 hours expended and 1.4 hours left free for socializing, watching movies or TV, child-rearing, and writing your congressman in protest.

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