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Walked to the BX9 bus at 261st St., took it to the 1 train at 242nd St., transferred to the A train at 168th St., and managed to get to work at 57th St. in exactly 1 hour (door-to-door)! It may seem like a lot of finagling to cut that 15-20 minutes of transit/waiting time when you can’t sleep, read, or listen to music, but such hustling has its place on Monday mornings.

Jogged a leisurely 2 miles with Li and Jen yesterday. Odd that just 2 years ago I could have done 7 in just over an hour. I definitely would look laughable in a bikini now, which seriously decreases my value as a commodity on the meat market. I’m not necessarily sad about this.

Finally saw “The Incredibles.” Thought it was good. Would have seen it again. Therefore, my resentment of everyone who didn’t love me enough to remember to invite me the first time they saw it has increased just a little bit. “It’s no Finding Nemo,” pshaw. But what the hell, I’ll forgive you. Someday.

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