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The orthopedist says I may need 3-4 more months of physical therapy, which is no problem. But he kept saying things like “Well, as long as you’re making excellent progress-” when I never told him I was making excellent progress. I told him it was really hard to tell if there was any improvement. I repeated this several times, but I guess it’s obvious that I am crazy, imagining things, and don’t know what I’m talking about. Actually, he probably looks at me and knows right away that I’m not a professional athlete and am therefore beneath any kind of serious attention. Which is probably true.

Then when I told one of the other workers (technician? male nurse?) that my ankle mostly hurts when I jam it kicking things, he seemed surprised and asked me if the doctor had told me to stop the martial arts for awhile and take it easy. Pause. You know, he really didn’t. And while you may think this is an obvious solution to all my ills and that I’m an idiot not to have hung up the hogu long ago, I say that everything is relative, and TaeKwon-do three times a week (jogging on the side) IS taking it easy. Plus, how can I know if I’m getting better if I don’t slam my foot into a heavy bag every so often?

Nick Hornby says you can be certain of a successful suicide jump if you start off at 10 stories or above. This is good to know in case the whole phenomenon of NOBODY LISTENING TO A WORD I SAY turns out to be much more than just a passing trend. I mean, if I wanted to be chronically ignored and condescended to, for heaven’s sake, I’d just find myself a boyfriend.

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