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The current tally

Surgery Pros:

1. The possibility of maybe, one day, being able to land a proper left-sided L-stance again.

2. The possibility of maybe, one day, being able to fight without predictably keeping all my weight on my right foot.

3. I miss the left-sided back kick. I miss kicking the heavy bag.

4. Those 180 reverse turning kicks in Eui-Am.

5. I want to set a better example. I want to keep myself relevant, but I really, really can’t seem to improve like this, although if I were a better martial artist I probably could. I so don’t want to become one of those lame (ha ha) black belts that everyone is polite to, but no one respects, and I can feel it happening.

People on the “tentatively pro” side: Silvio, Rho.

Surgery Cons:

1. Long recovery period (3-6 months???)

2. Maybe it won’t work.

3. How arrogant can I get? Face it, I’m never going to be a great martial artist, and isn’t surgery an extreme waste on someone who, at best, would be a dedicated hobbyist? Who the hell am I, anyway?

People on the “pretty much con” side: Li.

How much do you want to bet that in four weeks, what I’ll actually do is flip a coin?

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