It’s amazing how many people I know and respect fail to use punctuation or capital/lowercase letters in their e-mails. I used to compose e-mails of all lowercase letters because I felt that capitals smacked of self-importance and assumed too much authority. I mean, who the hell was I to be using capital letters for thoughts that were so small, so insignificant? But as I got older I realized I was just being annoying.

To the successful professionals who fail to punctuate: Is it because your time is in such short supply that you cannot hit your shift, period, and comma keys? Is it an unspoken belief that your time is worth so much more than my time, and that the extra seconds you don’t take to properly format a memo (even an informal note!) are valued at so much more of a premium than the minutes I spend trying to puzzle out the meaning from your Faulkner-esque stream of consciousness about the new marketing plan?

e.e. cummings is spinning in his grave right now.

To my father. Enough with the caps lock, Dad. And would it kill you to use a line break once in a while?

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