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Notes to self

The emotional blackmail of cats

Boredom = Exhaustion

You CAN eat 12 Advil a day

On advertising/marketing/being a professional liar:
Any ad pitch or marketing copy is generally a lie, but a lie so transparent and insincere that it is not a true deception, but rather a gesture as authentic and steeped in tradition as a handshake. Those to whom you pitch your your sales talk should know it’s untrue, but also not unreasonable or mean-spirited. See also: Mating rituals.

On my personal yet unimaginable future:
Since history repeats itself and ideologies seem to recycle through alternating generations, I have to believe that my children or grandchildren will be religious fundamentalists or possibly Republicans. They will of course grow to despise/pity me. Where I like to smugly think I am rational and not deluded (on good days), they will believe they are saved.

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