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Not-news, and so forth…

Well, Dr. D., friend and erstwhile TKDer (he’ll be back in about a month), took a look at my bones and gave me a completely different diagnosis from Dr. R. (just some orthopedist). I like John’s diagnosis better, both because it would mean no or much less extreme surgery, and because it really seems to fit my actual symptoms. He gave me an injection with an impressively slender and bendy needle (novocaine, cortisone), and I swear that last night’s TKD class was just a little less painful. If this works, my gratitude will know no bounds, because four years of chronic pain can really wear you out.

I finally broke down and told my mother that I had been considering surgery, just so I could tell her I probably wouldn’t be needing it. The response was immediate and overblown: “If you had surgery, you would talk to people and research doctors and get the best surgeon, wouldn’t you? It doesn’t matter if your insurance doesn’t cover it!” It’s a nice thought, mom, but you’re poor too, and I’d really like to save enough to move out of the Bronx for good. No, I wouldn’t talk to people. I hate people. Yes, I would research.

Remind me never to tell my parents anything, ever again.

Also, in a freakish bout of nigh perfect timing, my mother finally admitted that she absolutely hates my martial arts master and thinks he’s a horrible man. This revelation came mere hours after I’d written a 2-page, gushing thank you note for his school’s 30th anniversary present. Although when pressed, my mother says she doesn’t actually want me to quit my school or martial arts, she would like me to consider other schools.

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