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SJK TKD big 3-0

Uhm…the demo went well. Even if I took two tries to break, I’m still proud of us.

Highlights of the night:

My martial arts master being jovial all night long. He is truly a leader of men. He can kill us all with a hand. More often than not, he would probably like to.

Quin is back from Iraq! Quin is back from Iraq!

Couches on the mat

Delaware does Hwa-Rang in kind of a staggered three-part harmony

Connecticut does self defense with Andrei and Kyle

The aforementioned Kyle jumps over a human pyramid of me, Rho, and Jeff, and breaks — some number of boards with some kind of kick — I couldn’t see because I had to keep my head down.

Paul’s blindfolded sword-swinging apple-slicing trick with Jeff and Adam’s LIVES on the line

The kids’ demo team bursting through a festively paper-covered hoop

Logan’s festively bandage-covered broken nose

Mirror image Kwang-Gae


Master Nathanson’s stories…corroborated by Master Casanova (his real name)!

Morgan’s little black dress

The soju. Dear god, the soju.

Helped look after “the kids,” by which I mean my inebriated cohorts. Tonight perhaps I shall watch “Smallville” and nap.

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