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Questionable Tastes

I find myself vaguely wanting to see “Elizabethtown,” purely on the grounds that it sounds kind of like “Garden State,” and if I were a weaker woman, I’d be totally in love with “Garden State”‘s Zach Braff. This in itself is stupid and sappy, a bit like my dumber than dumb affection for the guy who plays Lex Luthor on “Smallville.” Worse, “Elizabethtown” actually stars Orlando Bloom, who is a delicate flower and totally not a viable object of crushes at all.

Also, NOBODY wants to see Orlando Bloom in a (drama? romance? comedy?) non-action movie without a whole lot of more charismatic actors and bloody awesome swordfights, possibly with pirates, to make up for his anemic presence.

Like any sensible person, I shall probably wind up seeing the new “Wallace & Grommit” movie instead.

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