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Ah, six of one…

Have had three nutritional shakes in the past 12 hours, but no solid food due to general pickiness/laziness. Wanted to make an omelet last night (bought eggs and cheese and everything!) but I think my father dirtied the kitchen with soup earlier, so I should keep it clean for at least another day. In the meantime, maybe I can buy some chives.

The problem with going jogging directly before TKD class is that your legs are basically shot and cramp up in odd ways (what’s the muscle on the opposite side of your calves?). The problem with jogging directly after TKD class is that you aren’t done until about 11, which is kind of late for dinner. The problem with jogging at lunchtime is that there’s no time to shower yet alone eat lunch, and the problem with waking up an hour earlier is that it cuts the amount of possible sleeping time from six hours down to five. I know what you’re thinking: we’ll all get enough sleep when we’re dead. But I’m thinking this is not the case.


Oooh…this just in – tibialis anterior. Thanks, Rho!

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