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And Quin’s second degree test (a long time coming) was suitably excellent: a three-on-one fight with a bunch of red belts, followed by some amazing breaks. Two seconds after my martial arts master warned Quin’s opponents “Don’t get kicked in the head by this guy,” one of them had lost his head gear to an axe kick and another was simply tossed at the feet of the third. Later, the last red belt standing confided to me that he had spent the fight trying to fake out not Quin, but rather his own fellow attackers into charging Quin first, so he wouldn’t bear the brunt of Quin’s counter-technique.

I was only sad that Quin didn’t kick them harder. ‘Cause he could’ve.

Later, Quin made a bunch of suspended boards (three for the reverse turning kick and some crazy number for the punch) explode in dramatic fashion.

P.S. Quin and I both tested for our first degrees in April of 2002, though neither of us wanted to. (Testing with us: Li, Heather A., Don, and Victor.) Paul immediately nicknamed us “April” — hence the subject title of this entry.

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