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Lest You Think I’m Just Some Jock

I finished reading The Year of Magical Thinking . It’s heartbreaking, of course…and I’m probably far too young to understand most of it. The photo of Joan Didion (and family) of younger years reminds me of my mom. (Come to think of it, Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby also reminds me of mom, but perhaps it’s best not to think too hard about such things.) I also finished reading The History of Love, which I might love even a little more than Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. (The two do have similarities.) I plan to read it again after I finish reading The Prestige, which arrived at the library at exactly the same time as all the other books I reserved months and months ago.

Speaking of the library, today I ran into Dave (weightlifting TKDer) at the NYPL. See! We martial artists are literate jocks!

Ran 2 miles. Shoe mileage: 56.5

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