One of the Korean masters says I have a face like a traditional Korean mask. This may or may not be a complement.

Seoul is kind of a sprawling city, some say L.A.esque. I wouldn’t know. The pedestrians are not as numerous or aggressive as those in New York, but this may be due to the wider streets with many more lanes for traffic. We drove past the giant statues that were erected for the Olympics.

The teenagers we are training with are so playful and happy when they are warming up. They remind me of wriggly, adorable puppies…deadly puppies…that can kill you.

Anyway, today is some kind of election day, so we did not train at the university. But while everyone there did their civic duty and voted, we were invited to Master Lee’s school/fitness center, where we practiced patterns (nice mat!) and then worked out. In case you were wondering, barefoot running on treadmills makes for FILTHY feet.

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