Well, it was a rollicking test to watch, and much ass was kicked and many boards were broken by everyone I cared about. Yay! I didn’t even know that Master Marr was taking an interim test, but it was truly, jaw-droppingly, beautifully amazing. And of course L. was solid and strong, and his Anything Goes Law Student Martial Arts Technique is Unstoppable! It’s always inspiring to see anyone break multiple boards with a reverse turning kick. And later: soju, Guinness, and a shot of Jamesons, which just goes to show that Koreans really are the Irish of the Orient, especially me.

During all these shenanigans, I missed my ex-office funeral drunk-fest, but it’ll probably be okay if I explain to the guys that I had a chick to fight.

I hope K. got my e-mailed essay for the summer camp scholarship, because otherwise there’s no way I’m paying for it, me being unemployed and all.

And it now seems like we will be canceling our Father’s Day celebration again (the last cancellation due to general unpreparedness, like my parents themselves getting the date wrong, this time due to rain). At least today I’ll give the man his gift, an ornamental bottle I bought in China, but this is getting kind of pathetic.

Also, I’ll have to decide which Neflix delivery to watch later, Match Point or School of Rock. I love the anonymity of Netflix, how I can rent entire seasons of The Family Guy and only feel the tiniest bit of shame.

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