The “Crisping Ring” on the DiGiorno microwavable personal pizza is both miraculous and slightly disgusting. I will add that while the ring of exposed crust did in fact crisp in a vaguely creepy way, the cheesy center never quite got over being frozen. Oh well. Them’s the breaks.

Other discoveries while catsitting: if you meticulously remove all the dried marshmallows from a bowl of Lucky Charms, what you have left is very like a bowl of sweetened Cheerios. The marshmallows can then be crushed and snorted, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Also, when left to my own devices, I will watch hours and hours of talking head lectures on public television — if the subject is proper skin care. Along the same vein, I find the Sleep Number infomercial oddly compelling. I’m not even using the television to provide background noise at this point — I’m glued to the screen. This shames me.

But I did attempt to learn something of consequence! I finished reading Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by the author of The Tipping Point. All in all, his conclusions didn’t surprise me, but the tale of the New Coke marketing research did. Now, on to The Long Tail, which promises to be an interesting read. And next week, I should be able to pick up my reserved copy of The World is Flat from the NYPL.

I left half a bag of frozen broccoli for the apartment’s usual occupants. Let’s see what happens.

Shoe mileage: 88.

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