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Cats, Fish, and the Most AMAZING THING EVER

Scored another catsitting job, this time in Astoria. (That means it’s in Queens, Manhattanites.) My friend has an out-of-town wedding to attend, and her usual sitter is…um…performing a big-time puppeteering gig on the exact same weekend. Upon hearing this, I realized that I am very out of touch with the big-time puppeteering crowd, very out of touch indeed.

The cats are sweet and adorable, as is their wont, so I won’t waste words on them; you can’t see or touch them, so why should you care? What you should care about is the following: My friend’s fighting fish (each housed in its own little fishbowl) apparently hunger for attention as well as food. Whenever they want a little love, she says, they rise to the water’s surface and make sucking sounds.

You know, it does bear all the markings of a low budget horror film. I shall have to watch out for these fish, and listen hard.

On to the really noteworthy feature of the place. My friend moved into her apartment all of five days ago, and discovered that the previous tenants had left her a treasure of nigh unimaginable glory. She is now the proud owner of an 8 foot by 4 foot ELECTRIC GLOWING MURAL of a waterfall cascading majestically over a mountain, complete with MOVING WAVES, CLOUDS, and SHADOWS, all undulating away to a SOUNDTRACK of BIRDSONG and RIPPLING WATER. Imagine that, if you will, for a moment. All this magnificence can be found in one woman’s domicile in Queens. And it’s AMAZING.

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