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Uphill Work

Shoe mileage: 138

In just 62 more miles, I get to buy new running shoes! Hope I don’t get horrendously injured before then. To this end, I have taken to increasing the incline rather than the speed on the treadmill.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever experienced a runner’s high. There’s about a 2-minute window of everything not sucking that occurs around minute 12 of the whole 30-minute ordeal. The other 28 minutes are spent counting backwards by sixty and trying to focus on music videos that are paced too slowly to hold my attention. Yes, not even MTV editing can keep me from realizing that the whole situation just sucks.

Guilty secret: I read Jane Eyre on an exercise bike during my high school years. I still hate exercise bikes, but I liked Jane Eyre, at least until the last third.

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