Whew! The other day I was in a revolving door, and I severely annoyed the people in the other compartments because I was pushing too hard and too fast. I mean, I felt like I was just helping them out, but…

I don’t know if native New Yorkers are always pushy, or if bridge-and-tunnelers like myself are pushy because we LOSE THREE HOURS OF OUR LIVES DAILY to the commute. Or maybe it’s just me. I know I should get out of the kitchen if I can’t take the heat, but I feel fine. It’s everyone else who can’t take it. Weenies.

On the bright side, I just deposited a paycheck. Even better, direct deposit should kick in by the time the next pay period ends.

Tonight, had dinner with Rho & Mar. Lamb chops and cabernet. Sweeeet.

And my lovely ex-roommate just gave me a birthday present of three box sets of “Smallville!” So now I have all the seasons that really count! (Season 4 is best forgotten, no matter what drugs you have to take to do it.) Yes, I am deeply ashamed.

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