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But I will Never Give Up Carbs

According to shape.com, I actually have a large frame, and therefore might only be a pound overweight. Which is reassuring, even if I have gained about 20 lbs. in the past two years in spite of jogging (interval and non), kickboxing, rowing, stair climbing, core training, push ups, and weight training six days a week. I would be further reassured since apparently I have skipped 3 months’ worth of periods, except I am still covered in enough fat to make me an enticing meal for cannibals. (Self basting!)

Not that my self worth is actually dependent on my weight, but my initial value on the meat market is. Parental advice is to join a church group, because “they are atheists too, and joined to have fun and meet people.” Still, I’d like to uphold some standards before I get too desperate.

Why did I give up binge drinking again?

In other news, I caved and started reading “Absurdistan,” which is great fun.

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