I keep getting bitten in the night; my left side is covered in huge and perfectly round welts. Today, in an impressive frenzy of paranoia, I wondered if it might be bedbugs and not mosquitoes, so I threw away all my bedding (an insufficient measure if I should happen to be right). Then I got to thinking that the mattress foam (which has always sagged to the right) might have been the only thing protecting my right side from the getting bitten — but it’s too late to do anything about it now in any case.

I will see what happens after I spend the night on the bare mattress as I will have to refrain from buying any replacement pillows or a comforter until I know for sure. I’m too itchy to sleep, so I’m relying on the old melatonin + antihistamine + Nyquil shot in a beer trick, because I don’t think the deep breathing exercises are going to do the trick, not tonight.

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