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Friday Schedule

7:00am: Breakfast. Kept pressing the snooze button on this one, due to the late night endured previously. Also, convention omelets are never as good as the scrambles you get at the 24 hour diner. Ended up eating just one of those wrapped chocolates they leave on your hotel pillow. Not bad.

8:00am: Speeches, company awards. Sit next to the San Francisco-based Korean guy I met at orientation. Privately MST the meeting as best I can under the (corporate, uncaffeinated) circumstances. Exchange phone numbers at the prospect of karaoke in K-town someday.

9:00am: Guest speaker speaks. Turns out to be Chris Gardner of “The Pursuit of Happyness” fame. Good for him! His speech is inspirational, and – dare I say it – heartwarming. It brings a tear to my San Franciscan coworker’s eye.

10:00am: Team building exercise called “Configurations,” which is surprisingly fun – and yes, we did learn something. My team wins first place: iPods for all. Yay!

12:00pm: Shuttle to the airport.

1:00pm-7:45pm: Wait as flight is delayed 6 hours. Read a portion of William Gibson’s new novel, “Spook Country.” He just keeps getting better, doesn’t he? Damn.

7:45-10:30pm: Flight. Watch a bit of “Requiem for a Dream” on my portable video player. Most. Depressing. Movie. EVER.

10:30pm: Land, text ex-roommate. A major Taekwon-do test has taken place during the past few hours. My erstwhile school now has four new masters (two of whom will be leaving for Oregon in the next few weeks). The fallout is still in progress at the usual post-test, post-dinner bar. Although I am tired, hungry, grimy, and have to feed a cat on the Upper West Side, I am convinced by the ex-roommate to get into another cab and hightail it to 35th and 5th (while I am kicked in the soul by nostalgia).

12:00am: Show up at O’Reilly’s at 35th and 5th. I am nervous about about showing my face because I don’t know if they hate me for deserting, and these are, traditionally, very violent people. But. I congratulate everyone who tested (it seems they all did some pretty amazing things). They are encouraging and don’t hate me. Which is good.

12:00am-???: Having arrived late, I am the soberest person in the room. I find people’s lost bags (by looking UNDERNEATH the table!), and manage to make some fairly awkward faces for the group pictures. Chug gin and tonic to catch up, but remain unbuzzed for the rest of the night. Master Holmy and Master Kaneko attempt to give me pep talks. They’re good guys…that’s it. Whatever else, they are good guys who on some level will always remain big-brotherish. In return, I attempt, for once in my life, to give them some straight answers, but the sad thing about straight answers is that they’re rarely ever meaningful, and no one, including myself, knows what to do with them once they’re out there.

I’m not quite sure when I took a shared a taxi to the Upper West Side, but Marianne’s cat was glad to see me. I fed him his dietetic cat food and then went to sleep on the couch.

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  1. michael
    August 10, 2011 at 7:11 am

    “but the sad thing about straight answers is that they’re rarely ever meaningful, and no one, including myself, knows what to do with them once they’re out there.”

    So profound, so true.

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