Went to a coworker’s back yard party (like a barbecue, only without any actual grilling). There was paella and Jell-O shots. Skirt steak and flan. Two kinds of cheesecake, wine, and those little Filipino egg rolls. Meat skewers, corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes. Wine. Lots and lots of wine. Filipina coworkers are the BEST.

Also: Truthfully, I have never before seen a six-year-old girl’s pink princess bedroom. It was AMAZING. There was a little pink canopy on the bed, Disney decals on the wall, and a pink plastic vanity with a button that, when pressed, replaced your refection with a light-up image of Ariel. The six-year-old herself was adorable and tiny and princesslike. It was surreal.

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