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Done Gone Totally Nuts

Sometimes during my commute, the bus will pass a Harlem storefront with a bright purple awning emblazoned with the name “Grandma Done Gone Totally Nuts Old Fashioned Candy Store.” This is all well and good, but I seem to remember that the original name (one that lasted only a few weeks, several years ago) was “Mi Casa Su Casa Metaphysical Confectionery.” Harlem boasts fewer metaphysical confectioneries than it does candy stores, so I feel a pang of loss whenever I pass.

Was the marketing just not effective? It seems to me that if you have a bright purple awning and a collection of sweets in your window display, customers will come regardless of what you call your business. I haven’t run any numbers, but I’ll wager that sugar sells somewhat better than sex, if for no other reason than it’s totally PG and Wal-Mart/Blockbuster approved.

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