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Drink for Thought?

If matcha green tea is made from whole tea leaves dried and ground to a fine powder, does it count as a serving of vegetables?

In any case, reasons why matcha is so effing sweet:
1) Deliciousness. It tastes strongly like tea! Not like anemic, stale, steeped green tea. You get full flavor, almost like black tea, which I love.
2) Speed. No need to steep! Just whisk it up, no waiting time or milk!
3) If you drink enough of it, you might start to hallucinate evil spirit monkeys, like the guy in this story by Sheridan Le Fanu.

In fact, I put together a little song in my head about evil spirit monkeys while I walked to the gym today. It went like this: Evil little spirit monkey/Do you want some banana bread/Why won’t you let me go to bed/Evil spirit monkey/Evil spirit monkey/Bananas!

What do you mean, I have to cut down on the chai?

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