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I can haz…bionic eyes?

My ex-roommate (and eye care professional office manager/technologist) likes the new glasses…just definitely not on me. When pressed for details, she begrudgingly admitted that they make me look beady-eyed and “like a shrew?”

A charming fact about the ex-roomie: she cannot lie or hide her feelings whatsoever. Nor can she convincingly backtrack. For example, the time she said of Kristen Bell on Heroes: “Her face annoys me.” To which I replied, “Well, she probably can’t help her face.” To which she replied “Oh, lots of people have annoying faces! I have an annoying face!”

Her unconvincing backtrack for the whole glasses thing: “The same thing happens to me! Even more!” So I am forced to recognize that these are indeed her true feelings, much as she would rather me not know that.

Fair enough.

This is a bit like the time a bunch of friends had that debate about whether I was more like a bulldog or more like a pug. (Verdict: pug.) It kind of makes me want to lose 10 lbs, just so I can show them.

And then I remembered that one of my main reasons for getting glasses in the first place was so that in case a near apocalpse, I wouldn’t be quite so dependant on a dwindling supply of contact lenses and disinfectant in a post-nuclear world.

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