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Got to Be a Chocolate Mamet

Saw “Redbelt” with a friend from martial arts. Not particularly deep, but it does get at the politics, hypocrisy, and corruption that pervades the martial arts world. Bonus: Mamet dialog and Chiwetel Ejiofor (yummy)!

And we saw the trailer for “Baghead.” The most hilarious thing about this was the end of the trailer, when the title “Baghead” came up on on screen. Baghead!!!

While walking around Union Square, we saw (on two separate occasions) two different women in bright orange jumpsuits. Is prison chic getting totally out of control now, or what?

Also, in the course of browsing through about 10 clothing stores (my friend needs summer clothes for a trip down south), we discovered that every single store is now offering…metallic gold bikinis. That’s right. Metallic gold bikinis. Shinier, even, than Princess Leia’s getup in “Return of the Jedi.” We also saw one strapless denim coverall and a plethora of bedazzled shirts. The design/production staff of the entire fashion industry is, quite obviously, high.

After a fruitless search for a decent ice cream shop, we finally gave up and went to Max Brenner: Chocolate by the Bald Man (upgrade!), where we quite enjoyed the chocolate granitas and then made ourselves sick on an item called the chocolate mess. Mental note: never order the chocolate mess for two unless you are in a group of three or four. It’s like competitive beer drinking; the air bubbles in the whipped cream will fill you up till it’s no longer possible to consume the cake, ice cream, bananas, melted chocolate sauce, and crispy chocolate bits without considerable pain. Mental note 2: next time, order the popsicle fondue.

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