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Child…so…cute…losing consciousness…

Whew! Due to MTA subway wackiness, it took me 4.5 hours just to get from the Bronx to Brooklyn, where (after some fruitless wandering) I arrived 10 minutes before the end of the party I meant to attend (for an adorable 2-year old child).

Luckily, the parents invited me home to hang out, and I saw a few old friends (now also parents of adorable young children). I helped change a pull up diaper and had a good chat. It’s hard to believe that I know a real life Park Slope mommy, but she’s as perceptive and sensible as ever. Note, though, that her husband actually had to wake up early to claim a tree near the Prospect Park Picnic House at 8am on a Saturday for a 2PM party. Park Slope is CRAZY, y’all. Also, I saw a cardinal.

Didn’t make it home till nearly 1am and was unable to make it to the second party on my itinerary, but sometimes, there’s only so much a body can take.

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