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Basta, Magnolia

I never understood the (mostly 90s) hype surrounding Magnolia Bakery and the Buttercup Bake Shop. Any cupcakes you bake at home, even from a mix, will be more freshly baked and fragrant. And surely they won’t take longer to bake than the normal wait time at the official cupcake lines. I’ve had both cupcakes and cakes from Magnolia, and they were kind of dry and not delicious. I mean, they’re no worse than anything you can get at any other bakery, and cupcakes are certainly cute and portable, but aren’t brownies tastier?

I’ve been baking my own gluten/sugar free cupcakes cobbled together from recipes I found on the internet. I have to admit, I enjoy them. My main concern is not overcooking them, so I take them out of the oven while they’re still sizzling. Today I baked chocolate cupcakes (almond flour based) and vanilla cupcakes (coconut flour based), both with a cream cheese tangerine frosting. Good times.

UPDATE: Apparently, both my parents have jumped the gun and eaten dessert before dinner. Bunch of savages in this town.

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