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But now: cupcakes

Fasted for 24 hours for no apparent reason (or, you know, reasons, but vague and harebrained ones). The interesting thing is that I didn’t get hungrier or more tired than I normally do. I was more of a blabbermouth than usual, possibly just to fill up the time I would normally use for meals. I will need to think over the past day to see if what I actually said was completely airheaded. Still, I’m a natural introvert, so it may be that incorporating regular fasting into my lifestyle would do wonders for my social life.

Also, and perhaps coincidentally, I remembered more dreams (my usual number of recalled dreams: 0). I think they were stress dreams about being late for something. This would make sense because earlier that day the downtown F train was not functional, and it took me 2 hours to get to my scheduled 4th St. rendezvous with coworkers for hot wings (not eaten by me) and the trek back uptown for Batman in IMAX. Which, yes, was immense for landscapes and action sequences, but made close-ups of faces more difficult to see.

As I laid me down to sleep, I noticed…The electric whine of the cicadas has given way to the chirping of crickets. And, for another season, the fireflies have vanished.

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