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Culture is not just found in yogurt?

Over the weekend, I saw “Burn after Reading” and “The Women,” both of which were pleasurable, if not brilliant.

Yesterday, I attended a New York City Center “Fall for Dance” program, which was varied, exciting, and fresh. I am not so much a fan of classical ballet, but I very much enjoyed the Indian dance (with live musicians!), and the ensemble pieces were inspirational.

I’m pretty sure I undid about a month’s worth of dieting within the past four days, but I’m 22 hours into a 24 hour fast and about to do some sprint intervals before the season premiere of “Heroes,” so I’m feeling pretty good.

An associate of mine once asked me what useless superpower I would choose for myself. His would be the power to be instantaneously showered and in a suit. I would have to say for me, I would like to teleport really short distances – like 20 feet – but only outside (not through bank vault walls or anything). I’m always looking about 30 feet into the future and wanting (badly) to be there.

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