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Real food, whole food; still kind of fat

Still 107 lbs, waist 32″, hips 33″.  Wonder if I should give up dairy (mostly Greek yogurt & butter, occasionally cream and cheese).  I love Greek yogurt and butter, so this will be hard. Maybe I’ll try replacing cream with coconut milk and using mac nut butter instead of actual butter for a week and see where it gets me.  I attempted to make coconut water kefir over the weekend, to preserve the coconut water that’s been sitting in the fridge. Not sure if I was successful or not. Maybe I’ll buy a bottle of commercial product just so I compare the two. 

Liver mousse is surprisingly tasty on raw sliced beets. The pumpkin nut porridge recipe found at Straight Into Bed Cakefree and Dried was also a yummy success. I’m going to continue buying a very small amount of random produce every week, jusr to bone up on what plant life is what.

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