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More Food Musings

After meandering through Central Park for about an hour, last night’s dinner was a quick fix of chicken (the supermarket rotisserie kind, not the healthiest thing in the world, but oh so delicious), about 5 ounces of dark meat with skin, plus a lettuce-tomato-onion-string cheese-black olive salad with an olive oil dressing.  Yum, expectedly. 

Dessert was more of a revelation, simply because it was so delicious with so little effort. Basically, it was a quarter cup of frozen, unsweetened blueberries (still frozen) and a handful of salted, roasted almonds (8 almonds), washed down with a half cup of hot licorice tea with a teaspoon of heavy cream. I must remember the surprising delightfulness of the blueberry-flaxseed-coconut oil smoothies of summer and pour some melted coconut oil on top of the berries next time. I know the oil will harden on contact with the frozen fruit, but I think it might actually taste good that way.   Dessert was followed by an approximation of zen meditation, or as the Whole Health Source guy calls it, “sitting.” (That takes some of the pressure off. I’m not being sarcastic!)

Oh, and yesterday’s version of the “famed in low carb circles” 1 Minute Muffin was made with a quarter cup of hazelnut meal, a teaspoon of apple pie spice (it’s like pumpkin pie spice but includes lemon), and a full tablespoon of peanut butter. Buttered the whole thing with a tablespoon of organic butter. OMG SO GOOD.

On other news, fasting again today for 24 hours. I have the occasional internal debate in which I wonder if I’m fasting too often (up to 3x a week on alternate days), but then I’ll go ahead and attend a fondue party, so it all balances out. When I woke up today, it felt like it might be an easy day to fast. And so far, it is.

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